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The following is a partial list of our George immigrant ancestors as well as "resident" founders of our family lines. The list also includes clusters of selected individuals for which we have not identified a founding ancestor.

We can think of each immigrant ancestor as the founder of a George family line in America. Not all of us have been able to trace our family lines back to an immigrant ancestor, but we all have a founding ancestor for our family line, whether it is a grandfather who lived next door, or a 4th great-grandfather who fought in the Revolutionary War. Most of the information on this page is taken from genealogical information published on the Internet. The information presented here is neither comprehensive nor authoritative. Our goal is to provide an overview of the George family lines to help researchers identify which lines were related, not duplicate research on particular family lines.  Please contact us if you are researching a  George family line and would like to correct errors or provide additional information.

We will add the results of the DNA study to this information as the data becomes available. However, the information on this page will continue to be drawn from multiple sources and references to individual ancestors or family lines does not necessarily imply participation by a researcher in the DNA study. Our emphasis on the male lines is due entirely to the nature and limitations of the associated Y-Chromosome DNA study.

George Surname DNA Study Coordinator:

A ‘(P)’ in the notes indicate that this information is related to a DNA Test participant.


Immigrant Ancestors

While each immigrant ancestor is the founder of a George family line in America, we need to remember that the immigrants can include brothers and cousins who immigrated together or within a few years of each other. It is also possible that seemingly unrelated family lines can be traced back to a common ancestor in the country of origin. This is a living list which we hope will be helpful to other George family researchers. Please contact us if you have information on immigrant ancestors that you would like to add to the list.

George Surname DNA Study Coordinator:

We have assigned a temporary group number to each immigrant based on the known or suspected year of immigration.

1635i John George Colonel John George born about 1603 in Essex County, England. He and his wife, Jane Cole, immigrated to Virginia about 1635. He died in 1679  in Isle of Wight Co, VA. Many of the George family lines in the Southern United States are descended from Col. John George. Marty Grant has an excellent report on Col. John George and his descendents. John may be the brother or cousin of Nicholas George, who settled in Lancaster County, Virginia.

1638i   Nicholas George    Nicholas George was born in England before 1617 and had immigrated to Virginia by 1638, when he patented land in Isle of Wight Co, Virginia. He was residing in Lancaster County, Virgina by about 1653. The first several generations of this line are well documented and this is probably the largest George family in Virginia, and perhaps in the entire Southern United States (see Marty Grant's article on Nicholas George).  Some key researchers on the Nicholas George line include Joe George, Barbara George, and Morris George.

Nicholas may be the brother of cousin of Col. John George (1635a).

1791i    John George  John George, a native of County Antrim, Ireland, arrived in Charleston, South Carolina, in January 1791. He applied for naturalization as a U.S. citizen in November, 1806, in Pendleton District, South Carolina. Geo. Bowie, Pat. Norris, Thomas Farrar, David Sloan, and Robert Anderson attested to his character. There were other George families living in Pendleton District during this period which were probably not related.

Holcomb, Bert H. South Carolina Naturalization 1788-1850. Genealogical printing Company, Baltimore, 1985.

Resident Founders

A resident founder is the earliest known ancestor of a family line in America who was not an immigrant. We have assigned a temporary group number to each resident ancestor based on the estimated year of birth. Please let us know if you have information linking any of the listed resident founders to an earlier known resident ancestor or immigrant ancestor.

George Surname DNA Study Coordinator:

1775r  Benjamin George  (P) Benjamin George was first noted  in the 1800 census for Pendleton District, South Carolina, where he was associated with John George and Richard George. He was probably related to John George of Pittsylvania County, Virginia, a descendent of Col. John George, but definitive evidence is lacking. He was probably not related to the John George of Pendleton District, South Carolina, who immigrated from Ireland in 1791. Benjamin was noted in Wilson County, Tennessee, by 1805, and Lincoln County, Tennessee, by 1810. Later residences include Alabama, Haywood County, Tennessee, and Izard County, Arkansas. There are know male descendents through his sons, James S., Richard, and Andrew J.
 1752r Jessie George  (P) Jessie George was first noted in the 1772 tax list for Surry County, North Carolina. He was born sometime between 1725 and 1750.


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