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Exploring the relationship between the GEORGE and TUCKER families. Other families which have had close interrelationships over the years include the PEMBERTONs, DEJARNETTEs, and HALLs.

The GEORGE families which emigrated to Southside, Virginia, in the late 1700's were descendents of Col. John GEORGE (b. 1603, Writtle, Essex, England). John GEORGE and his wife, Jane Cole, arrived in Isle of Wight County, Viriginia, in 1635. John GEORGE and Jane COLE had three children, Isaac, Sarah, and Rebecca. Isaac, born in Charles City County, Virginia, in 1634/1635, married Hester Fawdon in Isle of Wight County, Virginia, about 1654. Their two sons, Robert and John, were born in Isle of Wight County, Virginia. Robert married Sarah ----- in Middlesex County, Virginia, in 1687. Robert and Sarah had eight children. The two branches of the GEORGE family settled in Halifax and Pittsylvania Counties, Virginia, were descended from John and Richard, the youngest sons of Robert and Sarah.

John GEORGE was born in Middlesex County, Virginia, in 1704. He married first Mary JORDAN in Middlesex County, Virginia, about 1724. Sometime before 1736, John and Mary moved to Caroline County, where they remained during their lifetime. John and Mary had 11 children, five of whom settled in Southside Virginia.

Richard GEORGE was born in Middlesex County in 1709. He married Elizabeth Ann Mayo in Middlesex County in 1734. Richard and Elizabeth moved to Caroline County, Virginia, sometime between 1736 and 1746. Richard and Elizabeth had 10 children, two of whom later moved to Southside, Virginia.

It appears that the families of Richard and John GEORGE established  relationships with the DEJARNETTE and PEMBERTON families in Caroline County. They may have also established a relationship with the HALL family there, but more information is needed.

The DEJARNETTE family was descended from Jean DEJARNETTE, born in France about 1680. Jean DEJARNETTE married Mary MUMFORD in Gloucester County, Virginia. Two of their children, Joseph and Elias, are of interest to this story.

Joseph DEJARNETTE married Mary PEMBERTON. Their son, James Pemberton DEJARNETTE, was born about 1740 in Caroline County, Virginia. He married about 1761 in Caroline County, Edna GEORGE, daughter of John GEORGE and Mary JORDAN. Edna was born about 1741, also in Caroline  County, Virginia.

Elias DEJARNETTE, Sr.,  married Elizabeth -----. They had five children, including Elias, Jr., who married Sarah HALL. Two of the daughters of Elias DEJARNETTE, Jr., and Sarah HALL married two sons of James TUCKER, Sr. These marriages are discussed in further detal below.

Five children of John GEORGE and Mary Jordan moved to Southside, Virginia.

John GEORGE, born in Essex County, Virginia, abt 1725, was noted in Halifax County, Virginia, as early as 1766, when a land survey referred to the line of Benjamin LANKFORD and John GEORGE on Allen's Creek. This area was in a part of Halifax County that was included in the newly formed Pittsylvania County in June 1767. John GEORGE was also noted in April 1768, when he, John PEMBERTON, Benjamin LANKFORD, and others witnessed land sales on Allen's Creek. John was married to Frances -----.

John's brother, James, born about 1738 in Caroline County, Virginia, was noted in Pittsylvania County, Virginia, as early as January 1769, when he made a sale of property to Benjamin LANKFORD to settle a debt.

James Pemberton DEJARNETTE was in Pittsylvania County, Virginia, as early as February 1767, when William BOWEN sold him 65 acres of land on the South side of the North Branch of Allen's Creek.  The witnesses were Joseph DEJARNETTE, John FARRIS, John GEORGE, and Benjamin LANKFORD. James Pemberton DEJARNETTE was still in Pittsylvania County, Virginia, as late as August 1771, when the sale of land from James FARRIS, Sr., to Joshua STONE, noted that the land on both sides of Allen's Creek adjoined lines of James DEJARNETTE and others. James DEJARNETTE had moved to Halifax County, Virginia, by August 1772, when he sold 137 acres of land on the East Fork of Allen's Creek in Pittsylvania County, Virginia, to William Spragens. The land he sold joined the lines of James GEORGE, Joshua STONE, and John BUTLER. Edna (GEORGE) DEJARNETTE witnessed the sale. From the above evidence, it appears that James Pemberton DEJARNETTE, his wife Edna (GEORGE) DEJARNETTE, Joseph DEJARNETTE, John PEMBERTON and his wife, Anne, John GEORGE, James GEORGE, and Benjamin LANKFORD were neighbors in the Allen's Creek area of Pittsylvania County, Virginia.

Mary GEORGE was born in Caroline County, Virginia. She married in Caroline County, Virginia, Cornelius MCHANEY. Their daughters, Celia MCHANEY, was born about 1774 in Halifax County, Virginia. Mary and Cornelius later moved to Pittsylvania County, Virginia.

Frances GEORGE was born in Caroline County, Virginia, and died in Pittsylvania County, Virginia. She married (1) in Caroline County, Virginia, Benjamin GRAVES. She married (2) Beverly GRAVES.

Two children of Richard GEORGE and Elisabeth Ann MAYO moved to Southside, Virginia.

Jonadeb GEORGE, born before 1746 in Caroline County, Virginia, married Rosamond MADDOX. He moved to Halifax County, Viriginia, probably after 1775.

James Mayo GEORGE, was born in Caroline County, Virginia. He died in Halifax County, Virginia.

Mecklenburg County, Virginia

 The two principal families of interest in Mecklenburg County, Virginia, are the TUCKER family and the BILBO family. There is no evidence showing that they had any connection with the GEORGE, DEJARNETTE, or HALL families prior to their residence in Mecklenburg County, Virginia.

James TUCKER, Sr., was born in 1698 in Charles City, Virginia, and died in 1770 in Mecklenburg County, Virginia. He married (1) Mary in 1718, and (2) Elizabeth JACKSON about 1763. James was the son of Capt. Robert TUCKER and Elizabeth PARHAM. James TUCKER, Sr., was noted in Prince Georges County, Virginia, between 1719 and 1732. He moved to Lunenburg County, Virginia,  before 1752 and resided in a part that was later included in Mecklenburg County, Virginia.

Jacques BILBO was born in France. He immigrated to Virginia in 1700 and settled in Manakin Town. His son, Jean Pierre (Peter) BILBO, was born in Manakin Town, Viriginia, in 1706 and died in Lunenburg (later Mecklenburg) County, Virigina, in 1751. Jean Pierre married (1) Susanne Pankey, who died in 1739, and (2) Elizabeth ------. Jean Pierre (Peter) BILBO probably moved to Lunenburg (later Mecklenburg) County, Virginia, between 1747, when his son, William, was born in Manakin Town, Virginia, and 1751.

Between 1754 and 1760, James Tucker, Sr., was involved in a number of land transactions on Allen's Creek in Lunenburg (later Mecklenburg) County, Viriginia.  (This is not the same creek as Allen's Creek in Pittsylvania County, Virginia). Some of the neighbors and the persons involved in the land transactions included John HUDSON, Christopher HUDSON,  Parmenas PALMER, Abraham and Jacob COLESON, Pinketham HAWKINS, Stephen MALLET, William and Thomas FARRAR, Robert COLEMAN, Nicolas MAJOR, and the Thomas CLARK orphans.

In his will, proved in 1752, Jean Pierre BILBO left 300 acres each to his sons James, Joseph, John, and Peter. He left his son, William, the remainder of his land, which totalled 1,626 acres. Jean Piere BILBO's wife and John CHANDLER were executors. Joseph and John GREEN, Joseph CHANDLER, and Isaac DUTOY were witnesses. The inventory was conducted by Joseph GREER, Christopher HUDSON, and John HUMPHRIES. Although the TUCKER and BILBO families do not appear to be adjoining neighbors during this or later periods, Christopher HUDSON was involved with both families. The HUDSON family was closely connected with the TUCKER family. One of James TUCKER's sons was named Hudson TUCKER, possibly indicating that there was a relationship with the HUDSON family on his mother's side of the family. In addition, Mary TUCKER, the daughter of James TUCKER, Sr., and Mary, married William HUDSON abt 1757. In 1754, James BILBO and his wife Mary HOBSON sold 300 acres on Allen's creek to Edward BEVILL. This land was probably part of his inheritance. In 1757, James BILBO bought 200 acres on Allen's Creek from Thomas TANNER.

The principal source used, Early Settlers of Mecklenburg County Virginia Volume II, shows a gap in the records from 1761 to 1765. Between 1765 and 1767, several BILBO family members were involved in a series of land transactions on Allen's Creek.  In 1765, John BILBO, who had apparently moved to Cumberland County, Virginia, sold to John HOBSON of Lunenburg County, Virginia, "... that parcel of land laid off agreeable to the last will and testament of John Peter BILBO ..." on Allen's Creek. The land adjoined Joseph BILBO, William BILBO, Joseph FREEMAN, Peter BILBO, and others. In 1766, William BILBO sold his inheritance of 426 acres on the east side of Allen's Creek to John HUMPHRIES. The land adjoined Joseph BILBO, John BILBO, and others. In 1767, Peter BILBO, who had apparently moved to Goochland County, Virginia, sold to James TUCKER (Jr.), his inheritance of 300 acres on Allen's Creek, adjoining Edward BEVILL, William MURPHEY, and WHITWORTH. James TUCKER, Jr., then sold the land to James TUCKER, Sr. Also in 1767, James BILBO bought 505 acres on the South side of the Roanoke River from Sherwood BUGG.

1770 to 1785

In his will dated 19 October 1770, James TUCKER, Sr., named his wife, Elizabeth, his sons George, James, Matthew, Harberd, Elijah, Robert, Bartlett, Warner, and Hudson, and his daughters, Lucretia BARTON and ----- HUDSON. The executors were his wife, Elizabeth, and Benjamin GEORGE. The relationship of Benjamin GEORGE to the other GEORGE families in Southside Viriginia is not known.

In the will of Joseph GREER, dated 23 November 1780, one of the witnesses was Thomas GEORGE. The previous month, on 11 September 1780, Ann GREER, daughter of Joseph GREER, married Joseph BILBO with her father's consent. Joseph GREER had connections with the BILBO family since at least 1752, when he participated in the inventory of the estate of Jean Pierre BILBO, father of Joseph.

By 1785, Robert, Harbert, and Bartlett TUCKER had moved to Halifax County, Virginia. George and Elijah TUCKER may have also moved to Halifax County by 1785. The 1785 Heads of Families census for Halifax County lists 10 white persons in the household of Robert TUCKER. This number could include Robert, his wife Mary, and his son Aulden; Robert's brother, Harbert and Harbert's wife, Frances DEJARNETTE; Robert's brother, Bartlett and Bartlett's wife, Hannah DEJARNETTE; and Robert's brothers George and Elijah. These family members were those who are known to have migrated to South Carolina with Robert, or remained behind in Halifax County, Virginia. Robert TUCKER and his brothers may have moved to Halifax County as early as 1782, and possibly earlier. The Mecklenburg County census of 1782 is inconclusive. There are six TUCKER families enumerated in 1782, but only three appear to be living in the area where James TUCKER, Sr., had his descendents were from, Catherine, Elizabeth, and Isham, each with four persons in the household. Also, we should allow time for the TUCKER and DEJARNETT families to establish relationships in Halifax County, if such relationships did not previously exist.

There is no evidence showing when Matthew BILBO moved to Pittsylvania or Halifax County, Virginia. The 1787 census (Pittsylvania County?) shows Matthew BILBO in the John GEORGE household.  He was certainly in the area by 1788, when he married Edna GEORGE, the daughter of John GEORGE.

During this period, the GEORGE, DEJARNETTE, and HALL families of Pittsylvania and Halifax County, Virigina, apparently maintained their close relationships. In 1780, Nathaniel HALL, John GEORGE, and others witnessed a 1779 business transaction involving Richard Edward BOOKER through his guardian Benjamin LANKFORD. The business tansaction was recorded in 1781 and further witnessed by Nathaniel HALL, James GEORGE, and others.

In the 1785 Heads of Family census for Halifax county, Nathaniel HALL, Robert TUCKER, and Sarah (HALL) DEJARNETT were neigbors.  Nathaniel HALL  was the brother of Sarah (HALL) DEJARNETT, the widow of Elias DEJARNETT, Jr.   Elias DEJARNETT, Jr., was the son of Elias DEJARNETT and Elisabeth ----. He was the nephew of Joseph DEJARNETT.   Robert TUCKER was the son of James TUCKER, SR., who died in Mecklenburg County, Virginia, in 1770. Robert TUCKER's brother Harbert, married Frances DEJARNETTE, the daughter of Elias DEJARNETTE and Sarah HALL. The second wife of Robert's brother, Bartlett, was Hannah DEJARNETTE, also a daughter of Elias DEJARNETTE and Sarah HALL.

Jonadeb GEORGE and James (Pemberton) DEJARNETTE were neighbors in another area of Halifax County. Jonadeb GEORGE was the first cousin of James Pemberton DEJARNETTE's wife, Edna GEORGE.

More research on the period 1770 to 1785 is needed. There is no doubt that there was a close and continuing relationship between the GEORGE, DEJARNETTE, and HALL families in Pittsylvania and Halifax Counties. The evidence surrounding the relationships between the GEORGE, TUCKER, and BILBO families of Mecklenburg County, Virigina, is much more tentative. More information about this period may help us determine when and why Robert TUCKER and his brothers moved to Halifax County, Viriginia.

The Migration South

Robert TUCKER and many of his brothers migrated south between 1785 and 1790. Their routes are unknown. George and Harbert TUCKER were enumerated in the 1790 census for Pendleton District, South Carolina.  Robert, Auldin, and Bartlett TUCKER were in Pendleton District by 1793. Their later arrival may indicate that they left Halifax County, Virginia, later, or that they stopped at an intermediate destination. The related families of Nathaniel HALL and Sarah (HALL) DEJARNETTE also moved to Pendleton District, South Carolina, during this period. These familes, as previously noted, were neighbors in Halifax County, Viriginia, in 1785.

In 1790, John GEORGE migrated from Pittsylvania County, Viriginia, to Greene County, Georgia, where he died the same year. The 1785 tax list for Pittsylvania County, Virginia, shows 10 whites in the John GEORGE household. Based on the research of Marty Grant, the known children of John GEORGE were Mary, who married Daniel ROBERTS in 1786, Edna, who married Matthew BILBO in 1788, and William, born about 1771. Matthew BILBO and Edna (GEORGE) BILBO went with John GEORGE to Greene County, Georgia. Mary and William are unaccounted for. John, Richard, Thomas, and Benjamin GEORGE, who were later noted in Lincoln County, Tennessee, could account for the remaining members of the John GEORGE household. Together with William GEORGE,  we would have the right number of families, in the right age group, and with the right family associations. There is no firm proof for this assumption, but the circumstantial evidence is strong and makes this area the best choice for further research.

Elijah TUCKER remained behind in Halifax County, Virginia. Jonadeb GEORGE and James Pemberton DEJARNETT, who were listed as neighbors in the 1785 Halifax County tax list, also remained behind, as did Jonadeb's brother, James Mayo GEORGE. James GEORGE (Sr.) remained in Pittsylvania County, Virginia, where he died in 1799. He left a will naming four children, none of whom were in Lincoln County, Tennessee.

Pendleton District, South Carolina 1790-1800

 George and Harbert TUCKER were in Pendleton District by 1790. Robert, Aulden, and Bartlett TUCKER were in Pendleton District by 1793. On 22 February 1793 Robert TUCKER sold 196 acres on Mulberry Creek in what is now Anderson County, South Carolina, to James Stuart. Aulden TUCKER was a witness. On 17 November 1793, George TUCKER gave a bill of sale for horses and cattle to Elijah TUCKER of Halifax County, Virginia.  In 1796, Harbert TUCKER bought a negro, Tom, a fiddler, from Elijah TUCKER of Halifax County, Virginia. John GEORGE, Richard GEORGE, and Richard HALL were in Pendleton District and witnesses on the bill of sale. In 1797, Benjamin HALL, Richard GEORGE, Elizabeth HALL, Laud? HALL, Fenton HALL, and Bartlett TUCKER were among the purchasers at the (estate) sale of Harris MAULDIN. Among the purchasers at the estate sale of Phillip Phagan were Harbert TUCKER, John HALL?, Jacob PRUET, Benjamin GEORGE, and Benjamin HALL. On 1 August 1798, Aulden and his wife, Clary, sold to John MCCOLLESTER land adjoining that of Robert TUCKER, Bartley TUCKER, and James Stuart. On the same day, Harbert TUCKER and his wife Hannah (DEJARNETTE) sold land to MCCOLLESTER, with Bartley TUCKER as a witness. Bartlet and Aulden TUCKER were enumerated on the 1800 census for Anderson County, South Carolina, but not Harbert or Robert TUCKER. Bartlet was enumerated near Martin HALL, Fenton HALL, Reubin DEJARNETT, and Israel PICKENS, the second husband of Sarah (HALL) DEJARNETT. Aulden TUCKER, John MCCOLLISTER, Robert HALL, and Robert HALL, Sr. were enumerated near each other. On 25 January 1800, Thomas GEORGE of Franklin County, Georgia, sold 25 January 1800 to Kenneth Findley of Pendleton a negro woman named Agg. On 1 October 1800, John GEORGE of Abbeville District sold a negro woman named Jean to Richard GEORGE of Pendleton District. Benjamin GEORGE and Robert HARKNESS were witnesses.

The records of Pendleton District, South Carolina, show the continuing close relationship between the TUCKER and HALL familes, which had intermarried in Halifax County. The records also show that Richard, John, and Benjamin GEORGE were closely connected, and that they were, in turn, connected with the TUCKER and HALL families in Pendleton District, South Carolina. The continuation in Pendleton District, South Carolina, of close TUCKER, HALL, DEJARNETT, and GEORGE relationships provides strong evidence that Richard, John, and Benjamin GEORGE were closely related to the GEORGE families of Southside, Viriginia, even though they were not specifically noted in the records of Pittsylvania and Halifax County, Virginia.