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The George Surname Study serves as a clearinghouse for George family researchers and helps complement the work of other researchers by clarifying how the different George family lines are actually related to each other through a comparison of the DNA results with more traditional family records. Participants in the George DNA Testing Project have provided some of the genealogical information included here, but a great deal of the material is drawn from secondary sources and information published on the web by other researchers who have not participated in the DNA testing. Wherever possible, we will indicate the sources of the information.


1. A descendent of Benjamin GEORGE, born about 1775. Benjamin GEORGE was first noted in the 1800 census for Pendleton District, South Carolina. Benjamin GEORGE later lived in Lincoln County, Tennessee, Haywood County, Tennessee, and Izard County, Arkansas.

Benjamin George - related families



Founding Fathers

   The information on our “founding fathers” was drawn from a variety of sources. For the purposes of the DNA study, we sometimes include the earliest identified ancestor as a “founding father”. .

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