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Name: Kim D. Headlee

Position: Database Administrator, Software Engineer

Experience Summary:

Ms. Headlee has more than 25 years' experience developing and integrating software and hardware systems for government and commercial customers. Applications have included data and database management, real-time systems, manufacturing plant operations, telecommunications, web design & maintenance, and automated cartography. Roles performed include public relations, database administration, system engineering, software engineering, and training. Within these roles, Ms. Headlee is experienced with customer and vendor relations, configuration management, testing and evaluation, and technical writing.

Ms. Headlee is knowledgeable in the use of several software development approaches and documentation standards. Hardware experience includes DEC, IBM, DataPoint, MacIntosh and PC systems, using a variety of languages.

Most Recent Position: September 2000-Present, Senior Program Analyst, ITT Industries, Supervisor Shireen Larsen.

Ms. Headlee is responsible for contract support, data management, public relations and communications in support of FAA’s Leased Interfacility National Airspace Communications System (LINCS) and FAA Satellite (FAATSAT) leased communications system. Specific responsibilities:

Previous Positions:

June 1994 - Feb. 1998, Consultant (DBA and Software Engineer), System Support Services, Inc. (Client Hughes STX Corporation), Supervisor Amy Wood.

Ms. Headlee was Database Administrator and Software Engineer for the Backgrounds Data Center (BDC) program at the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL). She was responsible for database maintenance, troubleshooting, upgrading, performance tuning, documentation and license management of several Ingres databases residing on multiple non-clustered MicroVAX 4000-series host systems. Some of those hosts supported either DEC VAXStations or UNIX-based SGI workstations. As Software Engineer, she helped develop new data management software to meet the delivery schedule, and analyzed existing software for performance evaluation, tuning, and documentation. Most software was written in C, with Embedded Structured Query Language (ESQL) database calls, and Ingres software development tools including Application By Forms (ABF) and ReportWriter.

September 1990 - December 1993, DBA and Systems Engineer, Wellman, Inc., Supervisor Scott Thomas.

As DBA, Ms. Headlee performed database maintenance and upgrading, and development of new applications to manage storage and retrieval of manufacturing plant data. She developed and implemented several system routines to help ensure 24-hour database availability on at least one of the VAXcluster MicroVAX nodes, and to automate site-specific Ingres startup procedures at boot time. As Systems Engineer, in addition to her Database Administrator duties, she was responsible for 24-hour user support to troubleshoot and correct software and hardware problems, implementing users' requests for new software and enhancements, and training. She also provided support for recommending and installing PC software. Most software was written in COBOL, with Embedded Query Language (EQUEL) database calls.

July 1988 - September 1990, Consultant (Systems Tester and Software Engineer), AGS Information Services (Client Digital Equipment Corporation), Supervisor John Lane.

Ms. Headlee was a member of the Validation and Verification Department for the Space Forecast Center (SFC) contract for the US Air Force. She developed the Integrated System Test Plan and associated procedures. She performed requirements testability analysis, and data analysis. She also worked on the Software Development Team for the SFC contract. Her responsibilities included requirements analysis, software design and documentation. She was also involved in the effort to prototype the system. Software was written in FORTRAN, on the DEC VAX 8800, to run on DEC VAXStation 2000 workstations through VAXCluster and DECWindows software.

November 1987 - July 1988, Senior Programmer/Analyst, McDonnell-Douglas Corporation, Supervisor George Harrach.

Ms. Headlee performed graphics software development on the TEAMS project, sponsored by Pacific Bell Telephone Company. The TEAMS system provides telephone companies the ability to automate storage and retrieval of cable plant drawings and interior facilities layouts. She developed software in C and FORTRAN for the PC platform. The PCs were connected to a VAX 11/780 host via DECnet.

January 1981 - November 1987, Programmer/Analyst, Measurement Concept Co., Supervisor Barry Moritz.

Ms. Headlee participated in several Department of Defense contracts for the development of cartographic, space object identification, inventory management and other intelligence systems. Her responsibilities included software design, coding, testing, documentation, and programmer and end-user training. Most software was written in FORTRAN on DEC VAX 11/780 hardware. A space object identification and plotting program was written in FORTRAN on an IBM 3083. A database editing subsystem was written in C on a DEC VAX 11/780 for use on a Motorola 8600 workstation. An inventory management system was written in DataBus, on a DataPoint 8600.

July 1979 - January 1981, Site Coordinator, Boeing Commercial Airplane Co., Supervisor Jim Hatley.

Ms. Headlee was responsible for consultation, operation and troubleshooting of DEC PDP 11/70 computer and peripheral devices for the Interactive Graphics Data Analysis (IGDA) group. She became the group's prime consultant concerning usage of company-developed graphics software. She also functioned as Lead Trainer for new IGDA personnel.




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