"The difference between reality and fiction is that fiction has to make sense." -- Tom Clancy

NOTE: Mark Twain likened truth and fiction in a similar fashion…with all due respect to one of my favorite 19th-century authors, I like Clancy's version better!

My Published Novels

Since I've been researching the Arthurian Legends for more than four decades, I hope to make this the thrust of my novel-length fiction for as long as I can get away with it! I do have plans for other, non-Arthurian works, which I will post here whenever they make their way out of my head and into a more permanent form.

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by Kim Headlee
Print: ISBN 1-939-05128-2
Ebook: ISBN 1-939-05127-4
Published by Lucky Bat Books

Morning’s Journey propels the reader from the heights of triumph to the depths of despair, through the struggles of some of the most fascinating characters in all of Arthurian literature. Those struggles are exacerbated by the characters’ own flawed choices. Gyan and Arthur must learn that while extending forgiveness to others may be difficult, forgiveness of self is the most excruciating—yet ultimately the most healing—step of the entire journey.

DAWNFLIGHT, 2nd Edition


2nd Edition
by Kim Headlee
Print: ISBN 1-939-05113-4
Ebook: ISBN 1-939-05119-3
Published by Lucky Bat Books

Romantic Times Magazine TOP PICK for November, 1999

In this stunning portrayal of the world's greatest love story, Kim Headlee joins the ranks of Marion Zimmer Bradley and Diana Gabaldon. Restoring Guinevere's reputation from centuries of harsh speculation, Headlee presents a brave and triumphant heroine as we have never seen her before.

"Headlee does for Guinevere what Marion Zimmer Bradley did for Morgaine…in The Mists of Avalon." --Lauren Rabb, Crescent Blues

LIBERTY by Kimberly Iverson


by Kimberly Iverson
ISBN 0-373-77134-7, HQN Books

They hailed her "Liberty" but she was free only to obey...or die.

Celtic warrior blood flowed in her veins, but as a gladiatrix-slave in Londinium’s arena, Rhyddes was nothing more than a wild thing in a gilded cage. Yet though her Roman masters owned her body, she swore that none would claim her soul. How, then, could Marcus Calpurnius Aquila, noble son of Britain’s Roman governor, make her yearn for what lay beyond her reach?

Famed as “The Eagle,” Aquila preferred the purity of combat on the ampthitheatre sands to the sinister intrigues of imperial politics -- and the raw power and grace of the flame-haired Rhyddes to the simpering wiles of Rome’s noblewomen. And when dark designs for power threaten to ensnare the two of them in a plot to overthrow the emperor, Aquila must choose between the Celtic slave who has won his heart...and the Empire to which they both owe allegiance.

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 THE TWAIN SEQUEL PROJECT: Yes, I wrote a sequel to a novel by Mark Twain...and then some. Details to be announced soon!

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