System Support Services, Inc.

S3I Logo

System Support Services, Inc. is a woman-owned Small Business with more than three decades of experience in most facets of computer systems engineering work, including design, programming, implementation, testing, documentation and training, data analysis, database design and administration, and web page design, coding and maintenance, in civilian and federal environments, including DOD (Air Force, Army, Navy) and DOT (Federal Aviation Administration). Also experienced in federal contracting, and certified in Configuration Management and Quality Assurance.

For the résumé of Kim D. Headlee, President, click here.

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About the Logo

System Support Services, Inc. was S3I Logo incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia on 17 March 1995, which is why I have chosen the shamrock as the background for its logo, with gold lettering to symbolize (what else?!) money.

According to legend, St. Patrick used the shamrock to explain the concept of the Trinity to potential converts. I selected an "open" font as a reminder that a wee bit of the Trinity must show through in every facet of the company, and every venture in which it participates.

The logo was designed by Kim Gonzalez of Kimberly Creative Services.