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  Become an Expert: master the craft of writing for new markets.

  Keeping up appearances: tips and tricks for book signings.

  How do I keep track of all my characters? My article, Relief for the Terminally Forgetful, is based on my early efforts (decades ago, now!) to set up a database of character vitae.

  Fantasy & Romance writing in a historical setting … when the Britannica just isn't quite enough.

  Incorporating foreign languages in fiction: How much is too much? Hm. Maybe I should let readers of Dawnflight's 2nd Edition weigh in...!

  How to survive pitching an idea to an editor or agent … and this time, I'm not talking baseball!

  The pros and cons of prologues—epilogues, too, for that matter—in fiction.

  How long does it take me to write my books … and how do I survive the glacial publishing biz? I must harness The Beast Within. This "animal" doesn't bite! Well, usually.

  POV: For a writer, it does not mean Privately Owned Vehicle.

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Revised 13 Mar 2013