Board of Directors Duties

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Spiritual Director The clergy members of the Board serve as Community Spiritual Directors. Direct the observance of Holy Communion in the Community at monthly gatherings, Weekend Sponsor's Hour, Weekend Candlelight Ceremonies, Weekend Closing celebrations and any other Community function. The Lay Director shall appoint one of the Community Spiritual Directors to serve as the Head Spiritual Director for the Community.
Lay Director Responsible for the overall activities of Tidewater Emmaus. Establish proposed calendar of activities. Presides at Board meetings and shall be the spokesperson for the Community.
Assist Lay Director Substitute for the Lay Director in his/her absence at Board meetings and will handle other duties of the Lay Director when necessary or as directed by the Lay Director.
Secretary Take minutes of all Board meetings, record all Board decisions, and see that they are distributed to Board members in a timely manner. Handle correspondence duties as necessary.
Treasurer Handle the finances of the Community, keep the Board informed of the financial condition and bank balance of the Community and submit a report at each Board meeting. Prepare and submit necessary tax documents.
Music Plan and lead worship through music and singing by the Community at all Community functions. Select and provide music/musicians at monthly Gatherings. Maintain song books and transparencies. Assure that copyright permission for all reproduced music/song sheets is obtained and annotated on all reproductions.
Pre-Weekend Receive and process all Pilgrim applications for the Weekends. Notify applicants of status of their application. Keep Weekend Lay Director informed of the status of Pilgrim selections. Pass approved list of applicants to the Newsletter Chairperson for distribution to the Community.
Weekend Work with the Treasurer in negotiations for use of facilities for Weekends. Store and maintain all materials used on the Weekends. Arrange for reprinting of all Weekend handout materials. Serves as point of contact for the Head Cha during the weekend to handle emergency requirements.
Post-Weekend Determine locations for Gatherings. Solicit Fourth Day speakers, readers of prayer requests, and offering bearers for Gatherings. Coordinate setting up of communion elements for Gatherings. Arranges Days of Deeper Understanding, including speakers, location, refreshments, etc.
Manuals and Records Maintain all written materials, including forms, Weekend Lay Director Manuals, Weekend outlines, team member instructions and all master documents. Order replacement documents as required.
Outreach Spread the Emmaus story among Tidewater churches, through Sunday schools, church services, and special programs, encouraging individuals, including clergy, to attend an Emmaus weekend. Contact churches outside the Tidewater area, encouraging attendance on weekends and establishment of additional Emmaus communities.
Local Agape Coordinate agape from the Emmaus community for each of the weekends. Replenish supplies as needed. Prepare Fourth Day packets used during the weekend. Provide data to the Newsletter Chairperson regarding agape needs for Emmaus weekends. Develop and solicit sign-up for the weekend Prayer Vigil.
National Agape Receive all agape requests from other communities/movements and coordinate the filling of those requests. Solicit agape and publicize agape needs from other communities for the Tidewater weekends. Provide agape from the Tidewater community to other communities at Gatherings for signing by the community.
Team Selection Committee Selects all team members for Emmaus weekends, with the exception of Weekend Lay Directors, who are selected by the Board at large. Meets with the Weekend Lay Director to select cadres, teams members, and to review team assignments for weekends. Assures progressive servanthood, equality between churches, equality between first time team and experienced cadre and team membership.
Newsletter Develops, publishes and mails the Tidewater Emmaus monthly newsletter. Reviews and edits articles submitted by members of the community for publication in the newsletter. Maintains current listing of names, addresses, and phone numbers of members of the community for the community directory. Publishes the directory and coordinates distribution.
Sponsorship Encourages sponsorship of pilgrims for attendance on weekends. Educates the community at large on the importance and the responsibility of sponsorship. Suggests ways that sponsors can show different forms of agape before, during and after Weekends.
Bill Baker Scholarship Administers the Bill Baker Scholarship fund, a fund established to aid Pilgrims and Team members financially on a weekend. Reviews requests for financial assistance, recommends to the Board approval or disapproval of requests, and assures the confidentiality of applicants. Publicizes the availability of this program, and solicits contributions to the fund.
Chrysalis Liaison Represents the Tidewater Chrysalis Community and Chrysalis Board on the Tidewater Emmaus Board. Assures requests from the Chrysalis Community are properly communicated to the Emmaus Board, and reports back to the Chrysalis Board any items of mutual interest to the Emmaus and Chrysalis communities.
Nominations Solicit from the community nominations for membership on the Emmaus Board. Examine nominations to verify eligibility. Make additional nominations as appropriate and desirable to assure fair and equitable representation from the community. Obtain approval of the Board of the slate of candidates, publicize date of voting, and place on a ballot for voting by the community at an appropriate Gathering.
Reunion Groups Help new Pilgrims and others who are not in Reunion Groups to find or form group reunions. Maintains a list of Reunion Groups and encourages those groups to accept new members. Publicizes the importance of membership in a group to the community at large, especially encourages Sponsors to assure their new Pilgrims have been given the opportunity and encouraged to become active in a Reunion Group.
Training Acts as training liaison for all TW Emmaus training needs.  Provides ongoing Emmaus Training through various mediums including the TW Emmaus newsletter.  Sets/arranges the training agenda/program (including identifying presenters, etc.) for the Day of Deeper Understanding.

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