Kairos Cookie Preparation Guidelines


1 Acceptable types of cookies are chocolate chip (their favorite by far) peanut butter, molasses, sugar and oatmeal.
2 Cookies should be approximately 2 to 2 1/2 inches in diameter and about 1/2 inch thick.
3 Cookies must be plain — no coatings, sugar or icing allowed.
4 No raisins, M & M’s or other candies are allowed.
5 Use recipes that you know are a sturdy-crispy cookies crumble during handling.

PACKAGING: Be sure to let the cookies cool thoroughly before packaging.

1 Bag cookies in quart size zip-lock freezer bags, one dozen to a bag.
2 Label each zip-lock bag with "1 dozen" and the type of cookies contained inside.
3 After labeling, freeze all the bags of cookies to preserve them until they can be delivered to or picked up by a team member.
4 Place bags in a sturdy box, such as a Zerox paper box, suitable for handling by a team member.


1 Notify the team member below when cookies are ready.
2 Arrange to get cookies to a local storage or pick-up location.
3 If you need additional information, contact the person listed below.
4 If you have an available freezer or can help transport cookies, please contact team member listed below.

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