Katie Haritos-Shea

Resume - Curriculum Vitae

Web Accessibility Engineer

Usability and UI Strategist,
Section 508 Technical Policy Analyst

11809 Waples Mill Road
Oakton, Virginia  USA

Phone: 703-371-5545

Email: ryladog@earthlink.net


Specializes in Accessibility and User-Centered Design. Has a wide base of technical and policy knowledge as it relates to emerging technologies, enterprise architectures, IT standards and accessibility. Has been involved in W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) technical standards working groups as an Invited Expert since 1999.

Subject Matter Expert on U.S. Section 508 and international IT Accessibility Standards. Prior Section 508 Coordinator for NTIS (U.S. Dept of Commerce), and has since been the technical 508 team lead at the Department of State (DoS) and several Department of Treasury agencies (IRS, FMS & OCC). While at DoS earned award from the State Department CIO for Outstanding Work Performance 6-2004 for herself and her team. At DoS also gained experience in Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC) and OMB 300 Circular preparation and submissions. Has performed Section 508 IV&V of document, web, hardware & software products as well as developed Section 508 Accessibility Compliance Testing Methodologies. Created 508 compliance VPATs for client IT products & services as well as developed the idea of GPATs for government developed products & services.

Experienced in technical authoring of specifications, standards, policies, SOPs, strategic project plans, requirements, contract deliverables, remediation plans and government proposals. Has 100% success rate in gaining government contracts from RFP's, PDPs and unsolicited proposals that she authored. Technical Lead/Liaison/Proposal Author on numerous government projects, IAs, RFPs and Contracts including DOS, DOD, DOL, DOC, DOA, ATF, SSA, Dept. of Treasury, VA and SPAWAR.

Because of her work with W3C, FEAF (through the U.S. Federal CIO Council on the Semantic Web and Web-Services working groups) and Dublin Core is interested in branching off into Enterprise Architecture metadata modeling development (using Metis) to assist in developing tools to realize the vision of the Semantic Web. Active in the Metis User's Group community since 2002.

As a Certified Internet Webmaster has created accessible content on several multilingual web sites, created intranet and internet sites and developed accessible web templates for standards organizations (W3C, INCITS), public sector clients and for U.S. Government agencies. Interested in utilizing international IT standards experience to implement Business Process Redesign. Has been instrumental in developing ESM technologies that ensure the accessibility/usability of Enterprise Systems.


U.S. Department of State - Former NACSIM
U.S. Department of Treasury - Public Trust

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Highlights of Qualifications

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W3C, Key Memberships & Published Accessibility Work

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Talks and Presentations Given

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Web Site Development

Work History

8/2005 Ė Present:
Section 508 Technical Policy Analyst / Program Manager

CRI - Communications Resource, Inc.
McLean, Virginia - USA
  • Section 508 Technical Policy Analyst Team Lead for the U.S. Department of Treasury's, Financial Management Service
  • Authored FMS Section 508 Requirements Standard based on review of the applicable and relevant laws and regulations
  • Responsible for drafting technical policy requirements for FMS
  • Created reference documentation and resources to assist FMS web developers in Section 508 development and remediation of their existing and developing web sites/apps
  • Planned and Organized briefings and presentation materials for agency Section 508 Coordinator
  • Authored FMS 508 Checklist and Guide for Web Applications and Web Sites
  • Directly Supported Section 508 Coordinator for Financial Management Service (FMS) under agency CIO (Assistant Commissioner) in the Information Resources (IR) office
  • Created Business Cases for including Assistive Technologies and Section 508 Automated Test tools for FMS Technical Reference Model (TRM)
  • Developed language that incorporates Section 508 requirements into Statements of Work and other contract vehicles
  • Lead in updating the Financial Management Service (FMS) policy and processes for IT Procurement to comply with Section 508 requirements
  • Authored and Developed FMS Section 508 Complaint Process documents
  • Worked with Federal Reserve Board (FRB) Section 508 Coordinator to monitor Section 508 Compliance of applications built by FRB for FMS
  • Responsible for promoting and monitoring Section 508 compliance of FMSís 51 large (national and worldwide) financial transaction applications and platforms
  • Implemented use of GPAT for Section 508 complaince tracking of in-house developed E & IT products and services
  • Developed educational materials and provided training to agency personnel regarding Section 508 compliance requirements, policies, and procedures
  • Developed Accessibility Testing Lab for CRI
  • Developed, revised, and maintained Section 508/Accessibility Strategic Plan for FMS and CRI
  • Created Corporate Section 508 Compliance Procedure and Development Policies for CRI
  • Tested Section 508 Compliance and Created Remediation Plans for Web Applications that CRI developed for Department of Education, Department of Agriculture and Department of Labor
  • Provided analysis of proposed Policy, Legislative, and Management initiatives from a Section 508/Accessibility compliance perspective
  • Represented FMS and CRI on GSA's Accessibility Forum 508 Wizard Procurement Tool and Wizard User Focus Groups
  • Represented CRI on the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 working group
  • Represented FMS and CRI on the TEITAC Section 508/255 Refresh Advisory Subcommittees

5/2005 Ė 7/2005:
(Temp) Interactive Multimedia Web Developer

AOL - America On Line
www.corp.aol.com/, www.corp.aol.com/
Dulles, Virginia - USA
  • Helped AOL transition from itís legacy proprietary web software to standards compliant XHTML and CSS for itís thirteen (13) new web portals
  • Developed accessible interface for Web Mail and AIM Mail Home Pages
  • Worked off of graphic design images to create the exact visual replica in standards compliant code to render consistently in IE, Firefox and Mozilla
  • Developed accessible templates
  • Worked with AOLís web publishing interface CMS and dev tool (Big Bull) for combining aggregate web content for AOL Portals
  • Worked on RSS feed development for portal
  • Functioned as W3C Web Accessibility Initiativeís WCAG expert for the Interactive Developers Web Team
  • Performed Accessibility Testing of AOL content using Assistive Technologies (JAWS, ZoomText, Dragon)

9/2004 - 3/2005:
Section 508 Technical Policy Analyst

MANILA Consulting Group
McLean, Virginia - USA
  • Section 508 Technical Policy Analyst Team Lead for the U.S. Department of Treasury's, Internal Revenue Service (IRS) IRAP - Information Resources Accessibility Program office
  • Responsible for QA and technical testing of online software courses (CBT, WBT, multimedia) for IRS employees including those on Accessible and Usable Software and Web Development
  • Responsible for drafting technical policy requirements for IRS
  • Responsible for technical testing, audits and remediation recommendations for Software, Web and Hardware technologies
  • Created reference documentation and resources to assist Treasury Department and IRS webmasters in Section 508 and Usability remediation of their existing and developing web sites
  • Planned and Organized briefings and presentation materials for agency Section 508 Coordinator
  • Authored Section 508 IV&V Application Testing that doubles as a usable template for future fee-for-services contracts for IRS Web Services
  • Directly supported Section 508 Coordinator for Internal Revenue Service (IRS), by providing recommendations and expertise on implementation issues and solutions regarding Section 508 compliance and Accessibility
  • Created Marketing Materials for booth staff at Accessibility conferences (ATIA 2005, IDEAS 2004)
  • Assisted in drafting and implementing the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) policy and processes for IT Procurement to comply with Section 508 requirements
  • Responsible for IV&V of IRS eLearning Courses for Section 508 and SCORM compliance
  • Ensured the consistant application of information security policies, principles, and practices in the delivery of planning and management services for IRS IPAP

11/2002 - 9/2004:
Section 508 Technical Policy Analyst / Program Manager

CESSI (Cherry Engineering Support Services, Inc) Accessible Solutions
McLean, Virginia - USA
  • Program Manager for the U.S. Department of State's IMPACT Center (Information Resource Management Program for Accessible Computer/Communication Technology)
  • Authored Strategic Plan for Section 508 Implementation for U.S. Department of State
  • Consulted with IMPACT employees and users to determine design requirements for CS tracking system. Determined data needs, defined storage capacity, allocated storage capacity, and established system specifications
  • Lead development of Customer Service tracking database for IMPACT Program. Provided advisory, planning, User needs and customer assistance services throughout entire development cycle.
  • Developed management policies, procedures, and standards of performance to address operational concerns of the Customer Service Tracking database
  • Received award from the State Department CIO for Outstanding Work Performance (6-2004)
  • Responsible for the complete redesign of the IMPACT Center's Intranet web site on the iNet network. Utilized the W3C technologies that assure interoperability and accessibility; XHTML, XHTML templates and CSS
  • Implemented an accessibility and usability review process for all U.S. State Department's web sites world wide
  • Created reference documentation and resources to assist State Department webmasters in remediation of their web sites
  • Developed consistant methods to ensure that requiring officials were fully informed about Section 508 requirements and had the requisite tools to determine compliance when making purchase decisions
  • Planned and Organized briefings and training workshops within the Department to prepare staff for U S Department of Justice's Section 508 Compliance Surveys
  • Provided advice and assistance to users on techniques for storing and retrieving data Customer Service Tracking database
  • Responsible for all Technical Accessibility Recommendations made to the U S Department of State associated with IMPACT Center
  • Responsible for ITIPS Submissions for IMPACT Center 2003 (FY2005), and 2004 (FY2006) for Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC) and OMB 300 Circular
  • Authored Intra-Departmental Section 508 IV&V Application Testing PDP (Project Development Plan) Section 508 Compliance Survey for 2003-2004
  • Marketing (booth at CSUN) and web site work for ICDR
  • Developed standard evaluation procedure to ensure that procured products and services provided the greatest degree of Accessibility
  • By consistantly advocating the need to address Accessibility enterprise-wide, I was successful in solving complex technical implementation issues by bringing together many of the organizations' various requiring authorites (as well as stakeholders)
  • Developed, revised, and maintained Section 508 Strategic Plan for agency
  • Developed idea and implemented use of, GPAT (Government Product Accessibility Template)

6/2002 - 9/2002:
Director Assistive Technology / Section 508 Operations

MILVETS Systems Technology, Inc
Lanham, Maryland - USA
  • Responsible for all Operational Issues associated with Assistive Technology / Section 508 programs for all MILVETS Client Contracts
  • Involved in Strategic Planning and Implementation of MILVETS Corporate Direction and Mission
  • Oversaw the Social Security Administrationís Office of Training Asymetrix Toolbook Export Utility Application
  • Responsible for Accessibility Program Initiatives within SPAWAR (San Diego), DISA, SSA, Navy, Marine Corp., Army, Air Force, DOD, IRS as well as partnership contracts with Booz, Allen & Hamilton, EDS, SAIC, Northrop Grumman, Price Waterhouse Cooper
  • 100% Success in Gaining Government Contracts from RFP's and Unsolicited Proposals that I authored (ranging from $100,000 to $4,000,000)
  • One of four Program Directors for this 400 person Information Technology contracting company

3/2002 - Present:
CEO & President, Accessibility & Section 508 Consulting

Katie Haritos-Shea, Inc. & SpiderWebb.net
11809 Waples Mill Road
Oakton, Virginia - USA

Rockville, Virginia - USA
  • Represented TecAccess on the Accessibility Forum's 508 Wizard Procurement Tool Focus Group

  • Represented TecAccess on AT&T RFP for the GSA Networx Contract, as Program Technical Lead

Capital Accessibility
Silver Spring, Maryland - USA
  • Developed their corporate web site in an accessible fashion to meet W3C WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative) Standards and Section 508 Accessibility requirements using XHTML, CSS and accessible templates technologies.

Owasys USA
Silver Spring, Maryland - USA
  • Developed their corporate web site in an accessible fashion to meet W3C WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative) Standards and Section 508 Accessibility requirements using XHTML, CSS and accessible templates technologies.

Criterion 508 Solutions, Inc.
3917 66th Street
Suite #100
Des Moines, Iowa - USA
  • Did software and hardware Section 508 compliance testing for major IT company's Copier-Scanner-Printer and provided the information for creating the product VPAT (Voluntary Product Accessibility Template) for company for this product
  • Conducted compliance audits and reviews

The Training Solutions Group, Inc.
3883 Rogers Bridge Road
Suite #603
Duluth, Georgia - USA
  • Created Training curriculum for a 12 hour PDA course, on the Dell Axim X30 for The Alliance and
    AT&T for their on-site campus in Oakton, Virginia
  • Taught courses on 'Indentity Theft', 'Dell Axim X30' and 'Ebay - The Smart Way'

Melbourne Office
106 Canterbury Road
Middle Park
Melbourne 3206, Australia
  • Created Technical Section 508 & Accessibility Training for Morpheum software development team, Morpheum executive staff and Australian industry leaders
  • Technical Accessibility Lead for Section 508 compliance on Lantern 4, Accessible Content Management System Project, created through a R&D funding effort from AusIndustry for the Victorian Government of Australia
  • Developing VPAT (Vendor Product Accessibility Template) for Lantern 4 Content Management System for U.S. Government market

  • Responsible for ensuring that developed CMS met U.S. Section 508 and SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) compliance requirements

American Foundation for the Blind
Technology Research and Development
Governmental Relations Group
Washington, D.C. - USA
  • Created a Voice XML 2.0 application prototype out of a Daisy Book 2.0 Travel Book, for the U.S. Government CIO Councils' XML and Architecture and Infrastructure Working Groups.
  • Did an Accessibility Review of the Voice XML 2.0 Specification latest working draft for the W3C
  • Accessible Presentation Template Development

4/2000 - 10/2001:
Agency 508 Coordinator & Team Lead / Web Developer

NTIS (National Technical Information Service)
US Department Of Commerce (for Paradigm Solutions Corporation)
Springfield, Virginia - USA
  • Created Section 508 Accessibility policy and procedure documents, trained staff on the 508 issues affecting their particular areas
  • Conducted an inventory and accessibility assessment of all EIT systems at NTIS
  • Responsible for the complete redesign of the FedWorld.gov Web Site, ensuring that it is model of accessibility and conforms to Section 508 and the W3C's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines
  • Responsible for the creation of agency strategy to meet the 508 standards requirements. Put together NTIS's 508 Agency Team, including members of Software, Web, Security, Documents, Facilities, Network, Telecommunications, Legal, Procurement and Policy departments.
  • Worked on-site with Clients and Vendors to ensure the Accessibility of their Content, including several Multilingual Web Sites (containing more than 17 Natural Languages)
  • Created technical Section 508 instructional training tape for Government Webmasters, and gave Accessibility talks at National, International and Local IT Conferences
  • Met the U.S. Government-wide CIO Council's deadline for web-site compliance of July 26, 2000, for the 20 or so sites that we are responsible for.
  • Organized, Coordinated and Completed NTIS plan for DOJ Section 508 Compliance Survey for 2001
  • Earned "Peak Performer of the Year Award" from contracting company Paradigm Solutions
  • Created an interactive intranet from the ground up, to establish agency communication vehicle.

9/1999 - 4/2000:
Web / Application Developer, Customer Support

Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
US Treasury Department (for Paradigm Solutions Corporation)
Washington, D.C. - USA
  • Responsible for the research and compilation of Outlook 2000 FAQ and Tips info, plus creating a beta-customer feedback form and consolidating the information into a dynamic web-based application and customized HELP index. The resulting HTML application software was subsequently installed nationwide
  • Given some Team Lead duties for special MS Outlook 2000 Implementation
  • Involved in beta software testing with R&D, and the ensuing follow-up migration and installation of the enterprise-wide OS and programs. Gained extensive experience using Outlook 2000, IE5.01, and HP Openview
  • Responsible for the gentle re-training of customers being moved from Banyan Vines Mainframe Mail systems to the new Exchange5.5/Outlook 2000 mail configuration
  • Researched, created and organized a proposal presentation for the next possible implementation for the OCC, Windows 2000

1998 - 1999:
Entrepreneur / Owner / Webmaster

Oakton, Virginia - USA
Specialized in consulting for emerging companies on creating their web presence and insuring that they be graphically pleasing, user- friendly and navigationally logical web sites. Maintained close interaction with clients to familiarize them with Internet user habits and buying patterns.

1985 - 1999:
Entrepreneur / Owner / Administrator

HairColor Mirage & Salon Mirage
Oakton, Virginia & Arlington, Virginia - USA
Launched, managed, owned and operated two successful salons. Drafted the original designs of the interior structural space and the customized furnishings for both these business locations. Gained valuable experience with managing personnel, business administration, work-ethics and budgets.

1975 - 1985:
Audio Visual Technician and Troubleshooter

Washington, D.C. - USA
International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees Union (First women ever to pass the Motion Picture Operators exam and be admitted into it's Washington DC Chapter Union)

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Programming Languages

Systems Knowledge

Internet / Networking Protocols

Program Software

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Assistive Technology Devices and Software

Accessibility Conformance, Evaluation, Repair Tools

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Education, Accreditations & Advanced Training

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Shelia S. Newman

Vice President, CESSI (Cherry Engineering Support Services, Inc), www.cessi.net/
President, New Editions Consulting, Inc. neweditions.net/
Great Falls and Falls Church, VA - USA
snewman@cessi.net, snewman@neweditions.net
(703) 448-6155

Janina Sajka

Free Standards Group, Chair Accessibility SIG, Open Electronic Book Forum (OEBF)
Former Director, Technology Research and Development
Governmental Relations Group
American Foundation for the Blind (AFB)
Chair Accessibility SIG, Open Electronic Book Forum (OEBF)
Washington, D.C. - USA
(202) 494-7040

Gregg C Vanderheiden, Ph.D.

Director, Trace R & D Center
Dept of Industrial Engineering
University of Wisconsin
Chair for WCAG Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, W3C
Madison, Wisconsin - USA
(608) 263-5788

Wendy Chisholm

World Wide Web Consortium
Web Accessibility Initiative
Former Editor and W3C staff contact for WCAG 2.0
Seattle, Washington - USA
(206) 706-5263

William P. LaPlant, Jr

Former Chair, INCITS V2
InterNational Committee for Information Technology Standards
Information Technology Industry Council (ITI)
1250 Eye St NW, Suite 200
Washington, DC 20005 - USA
(703) 360-9184

Helen Chamberlain

Director 508 Coordinators
GSA Center for IT Accommodations
Government Services Administration
Bristow, VA 20138 - USA
(202) 219-2348

Samar Ghadry

Vice President, Paradigm Solutions Corp
6110 Executive Boulevard
Suite #240
Rockville, Maryland 20852-3903 - USA
(301) 468-1200

Pamela K. Brown

Team Lead of Implementation, ITS
Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
US Treasury Department
Washington, D.C.
(202) 874-5064

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